Catherine Amsden, the founder of Spiral Touch Healing, is a seasoned and highly qualified practitioner who has dedicated her life to the art of healing. After completing her undergraduate degree at the University of New Hampshire, Catherine received comprehensive training at the North Eastern Institute of Whole Health in Manchester, NH.

Licensed in both Maine and New Hampshire, Catherine is a nationally certified Massage Therapist and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She is also a Certified Hypnotist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, and holds a Master level certification in Reiki and Crystal/Chakra Healing.

Drawing on her extensive experience, Catherine has studied Peruvian Shamanism since 1996 and was initiated as an Inca Shaman. Her deep understanding of Shamanism has also led her to study Toltec Shamanism since 1979. Catherine’s passion for the field of shamanism has led her to teach apprenticeship programs in Inca Shamanism as well as other workshops, sharing her knowledge and skills with those eager to learn.

Catherine has studied with renowned shaman/teacher Don Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society, and has been initiated into the Quero Inka tradition of Shamanism. Additionally, she has extensively studied under the tutelage of shaman/teacher Don Jose Luis Herrera of Rainbow Jaguar Traditions, gaining unparalleled insight and understanding of the practice.

As a practitioner, Catherine’s holistic approach and extensive knowledge of healing modalities allows her to create a personalized treatment plan for each of her clients. Her warm and inviting demeanor, combined with her profound understanding of healing techniques, provides an environment where clients can truly relax and heal.

Catherine has traveled several times to Peru to further her training under guidance from Don Jose, working with Indigenous shamans for teachings and initiations. Catherine was very fortunate to participate in teachings by Don Manuel Quispe, who was the former head of the Quero lineage. Unfortunately for us all, he has passed from this world. She has, under the direction of and alongside Don Jose, translated, worked and participated in Ceremony with many wonderful, wise and humble Shamans in Peru. These include Don Fransciso, Don Sebastian, Don Martin (who currently carries the medicine bundle, or Mesa as it is called, of Don Manuel), Don Adolfo, Dona Maria and Dona Bernadina. Catherine has had additional training with Don Juan Nunez del Prado on the left side teachings of Don Bennito Quoriwaman, who until his passing was an advanced Coastal Shaman , and teacher to Don Juan Nunez del Prado. And finally Catherine has been a student of the teachings of Carlos Castaneda and his teacher Don Juan Matus.

She has, over the course of many years, practiced Toltec Shamanic techniques, learned magical passes from his apprentices and studied dream work with another Toltec Shaman, Merilyn Tunneshende, who claims to be an apprentice of Don Juan Matus.

If you’re looking for a practitioner who is passionate, dedicated and experienced in the art of healing, look no further than Catherine Amsden of Spiral Touch Healing.