This medicine tradition comes from the Aboriginal practices of Native Shamans, “medicine men and women” of Peru. These Shaman of the high Andes are seers who read the energy body of a person to track disharmony, illness and disease causing emotions within the body, luminous body and spirit. Once heaviness is located, it is extracted by the use of power objects, breath and prayer.

Catherine is an initiated and trained Inca Shaman with years of experience in Shamanic techniques of tracking, clearing, extraction, including entity extraction and psychic surgery and healing.


As a result of trauma, loss, change and upheaveal, the luminous body of an individual can experience “soul loss” in addition to dis-ease or energy blocks.

Shamans believe that a part of your soul leaves the light body during these times of extreme stress and challenge. These soul parts go to the “belly of Pachamama” (Mother Earth) to the lowerworld, a dimension inside Mother Earth.

In Inkan Shamanism this dimension or world is the “Uhupacha”. Shamans journey to this world and retrieve the lost soul part energetically transferring it into the luminous body of the individual. This is a very direct and powerful process.


Chakras are energy centers within the body extending into the aura of the physical body.

Chakra balancing enables the healer to determine which centers are blocked, not well developed, or have been depleted, and to balance both hemispheres of the brain. Once this information has been determined, the healer can proceed with the spiritual healing and aura cleansing. This is a technique that smooths out any disturbance or any gaps in the aura. These gaps and disturbances weaken the energy field (aura) around a person and can lead to disease within the body.


Reiki is the USUI system of natural healing that is believed to have been originally a Tibetan healing method found in Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism dating back thousands of years ago. It is a form of energy healing. Source energy is channeled through the healer’s hands and directed through the placement of hands upon the body. This energy is magnified by symbols written with intent, upon the healer’s palms.

Catherine draws on all of these techniques in the Spiritual Healing sessions. While all of these techniques can have a profound effect in just one session, it is often subtle in nature and the full scope of the shifts that occur may be processed for days and even weeks after a session. In the case of laying on of stones and spiritual healing, it may be more effective to have a series of sessions as the healer and client work through an issue or obstacles to health.


Through the skilled and intuitive placement of these stones (minerals and crystals) on the energy centers of the physical and auric body, called Chakras, the client can access energy which is otherwise inaccessable.

These stones facilitate the release of old patterns and restore physical, emotional and mental balance. These healing crystals and minerals assist the repair of malfunctioning Chakras, clear blocks, and facilitate the assimilation of energetic data.



This mentoring process will awaken the memory of the gifts you already possess. Through this work, you will re-new your connection to these inherent gifts and discover many other untapped resources within you.

This is a co-creative process designed to empower you. You will realize the many dreams, visions, ideas and plans you have been thinking about but lacked the energy or motivation to see to fruition.

Catherine will work with you, drawing upon her skills as a spiritual intuitive and psychic.

  • Re-member your Soul’s Purpose
  • Re-align with the Infinite Source of Power and Light
  • Re-lease behaviors – patterns & thought forms that keep you from stepping into your becoming
  • Re-set your Intent – to magnetize your vision and fulfill you dreams
  • Re-turn to a state of harmony, balance and clarity